About Us

Being wine lovers throughout our lives, we know that aerated wines offer fuller, smoother flavors, and that most people are seeking experience as much as the actual drink each time they open a bottle of their favorite wine.
That’s why Metal Shapes Inc. has created the AerisiTM portable wine aerator with decanter for the private consumer and professional industry. 
Aerisi Wine Aerator and Decanter with red wine sitting on patio sone stairs surrounded by lush green vines with wine bottle and 2 wine glasses in background

Over the last 40 years we have developed a passion and appreciation for wine as we traveled the world and entertained customers for our manufacturing business based in Illinois. Being business owners who entertain customers on the fly, our desire was to create a device that would enhance the experience of enjoying flavorful wines, but have the decanting process be swift and with the ability to aerate multiple bottles quickly to serve many guests.

Entertaining visiting customers in our homes, sometimes without much notice, we wanted to serve wine without the need to wait 2 hours for a bottle to decant properly yet maintain its natural integrity and enjoy its complex flavors as they were intended. We also wanted to have the ability to aerate the contents of a full bottle without adulterating the wine with magnets or forced air and without the need for custom designed decanters equipped with internal spinners and propellers. We wanted the ability to conveniently use most any round base standard decanter.

In addition to the function of opening flavor quickly, our intention was to design a device that was easily portable from counter to table to outdoor patio or easily taken to an event. Our goal was simplicity and one button ease of operation without complicated apps or digital displays, along with elegance in presentation aesthetics and clean design.

The wine key here is elevating how you serve every bottle you offer to your guests or on your menu. That’s why we created a bar- and table-top aeration device that is specifically enticing to those who want to invest in what they’re drinking with friends and over dinner.  

Experience it for yourself with an Aerisi Wine Aerator and Decanter system.