• Formal living room with Aerisi Wine Aerating System and glass decanter with red wine and cheese tray on round wooden coffee table. Christmas tree and fireplace in background with woman's hand casually holding a wine glass while sitting in black leather chair.

Simple.  We invested years of industry research and experience to create this one-button wine aerator with all the care of hand-swirling traditions and none of the complicated apps, or forced air and custom decanters other devices rely on. 

Swift. Pour your favorite wine into the decanter. Place on the Aerisi base. Push the button and that's it. Through gentle shifting and natural movement, Aerisi fully aerates your wine to perfection in just five little minutes. 

Portable. Lightweight and easy to store, Aerisi won’t take up lots of space on your table or counter top while entertaining. Conveniently tucks right into your picnic basket or bag to accompany you at any gathering. 

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